The Advantage of Using Alternative Hotkeys


Hey guys, for this blog I’m going to talk to you about the advantage of using alternative hotkeys for quick/normal casting items and spells.  This is a technique that I’ve used for a while that I think can be useful for other people too! So the basic idea behind alternative hotkeys is to allow you to switch between normal casting and smart casting (I guess it’s technically called quick casting now) on the fly depending on whether accuracy or speed is more important at that instance. I have all of my main spells and summoner spells set to smart casted, and I use additional hotkeys for regularly casting and self casting certain spells. The four main additional hotkeys that I use are T, G, Y, and C, which I bind to different things depending on the champion that I’m playing.

There are a lot of examples of where using additional hotkeys can be useful, the best example that I can think of for this is on Lee Sin. When I play Lee Sin, I set G to regular cast his Q, T to self cast his W, and C for smart casting item slot 2.

*My reasoning for alternative hotkeys on Lee Sin’s Q: Regardless of how many times you play a champion, it’s almost impossible to know the exact range and width on their abilities and being able to see the line missile display can be more beneficial than smart casting when you have enough time to regular cast it.

*My reasoning for an alternative hot key on Lee Sin’s W: I know that self-smart cast exists, and that’s another way to target yourself with abilities without moving your mouse over your champion, but it’s not as useful because if you mean to cast a spell on an ally and miss-target the ground next to them, it will just cast the spell on yourself.

*My reasoning for an alternative hot key for item slot 2: This is where I put my sight wards and sight stone once I get it on lee sin. Ward jumping became a lot easier for me when I started using C to smart cast wards because it allows me to smartcast in one easy motion of pressing C and then W which can be done very quickly.

Fizz is another champion that benefits from alternative hotkeys a lot. His ult has a weird hitbox so it’s usually better to normal cast it for precision, but, if you shoot someone point blank with Fizz’s ult right after Q’ing to them, it makes it almost undodgeable and it’s faster to do that with smartcast.

These are just a couple specific examples of champions that can benefit from alternative keybinds, I use them on a lot of champions. Some other examples of alternative hot keys that I use every day are T to normal cast nocturne’s Q, G/T to normal cast Elise’s W/E, T/G/Y to normal cast Lux and Ziggs’ Q/E/R, and many more.

Alternative hotkeys have helped me improve my game and I think they can help you too, give it a shot! Good luck !

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by Will Hartman, on October 18, 2013