C9 Balls: How I’m Spending my Off-Time

balls throwing

Since this is supposed to be a break I don’t really do much but I am enjoying all of the new free time I have. Unlike when I was living in San Jose, I no longer have any rigid scrim schedules to follow so I kind of do things at my own pace. I’ll wake up whenever—which usually means around mid-day— and go pick up some tacos or Frosted Flakes (which is my favorite cereal by the way), come back to my room and if there’s any manga’s to catch up on I enjoy reading those too. Other than League I have also been playing a lot of “OSU!” and the new Grand Theft Auto game, so far Trevor is my favorite character but Franklin is pretty cool too. At the time of writing this I haven’t gotten the new Pokémon game but I plan on getting Pokémon X and picking the water Pokémon to stay true to my “C9 Squirtle” name. Besides games I’m also hoping to continue my workouts and even start playing tennis again but south Texas weather is pretty harsh sometimes so we’ll have to see about that. To wrap that up the only other thing I can say I’ve been spending time on is going out with friends to movies or restaurants or even hanging out at my house.

Now back to league related things: I have about five accounts in Diamond I that will hopefully be in Challenger someday soon but I haven’t been crushing solo queue games one after the other so it might be a bit before I’m the next WildTurtle. I also have plans of growing my fan base and streaming more often but I’ve been having some difficulties because I left my Astro A40 headset in San Jose so you guys might have some difficulties hearing me. Other than that I have also been writing up some guides of various top lane champions for you guys so expect some more content coming up. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and remember to look out for more of C9’s blogs and guides coming up.

—-An (Balls) Le

by An Le, on October 14, 2013