Korea Guide Part 2: Korean Drinking Etiquette

Korea guide part 2!

Korean drinking etiquette

Before we get started, if you missed part 1 of the guide, the link is here.

If you didn’t already know Korea, is a heavy drinking culture. And Seoul has an amazing night life. If you’re going to go drinking with Koreans you have to master the Korean drinking etiquette. I’ve decided to write up some basic rules you can follow.

Rule 1: Do not pour your own drinks.

It’s viewed as impolite. Koreans always pour drinks for each other. Think of it as, your friends are supposed to make sure you’re drinking and having a good time. You’re supposed to be doing the same for them. If you’re glass is empty and no one seems to be pouring you another drink, simply pick up the bottle or pitcher, hand it to one of the Koreans you’re drinking with, while holding your empty glass. Immediately you’ll have a drink poured.

Rule 2: Do NOT pour your own drinks

I told you not to pour your own drinks god damn it! No, but seriously if you’re from the states like me, you’re going to find out you are programmed to automatically do this yourself and you’ll need to shake yourself of the habit. Trust me, this is important.

Rule 3: Fill your friends drink with 2 hands

The same goes for when your friend is pouring the drink for you. You must hold your glass with two hands as a sign of respect to the other person. In general just use two hands to do everything in Korea and you’ll do just fine.

Rule 4: Youngest person usually fills drinks for everyone.

This rule is a little bit more old school and might not apply for every occasion. Age and rank matters in Korea, if your drinking with your boss or girlfriend’s parents assume this is the protocol.

If you follow these four rules you’ll be set! Impress your new Korean friends when you come out here to visit/study/live. Let me know if you guys want me to post more stuff like this and I’m happy to do so.

Cheers ; )

by Nick Plott, on October 3, 2013