Doublelift at Worlds: Quarterfinals Day 2


SKT T1 vs Gama Bears Game 1

First of all, I really hate Shyvana top without Orianna. I just want to put that out there, because I saw both Gambit and Gama Bears do it so far this tournament to no success, because Shyvana really doesn’t have any synergy with any other champion.

Anyways, just looking at the picks and bans of this one-sided game, Kassadin + Shyvana + Varus really has no synergy. GAB was not only outpicked, but outplayed mechanically and strategically in all 3 lanes. I can’t stress enough how one-sided these games were. SKT T1 was simply the superior team in terms of laning and objective control, with the exception of their bot lane. NL and SwordArt actually did decently both games, and only lost because of the massive mid/jungle spillover that came from Maple and Winds being unable to keep up.

After a brutal laning phase, GAB actually had an opportunity to come back when Kassadin picked up 2 kills. However, Faker ended up keeping Kass down and taking his tower as well as blowing his Flash. This game was decided by a few critical Dragons, in which SKT both killed GAB and took objectives afterwards.

SKT T1 vs Gama Bears Game 2

After their slow start, SKT T1 turned it on this game and completely stomped the game in a timely manner. I just want to go more in-depth on how smart SKT is with their leads.

The game started off with 3 kills coming from bot, where Mandu landed a critical hook that allowed Lee Sin to chase Annie and Elise into the jungle and start SKT off with a 3-0 lead. SKT converts this into Dragon as soon as possible, and identifies that GAB’s bot lane is their only real threat. Faker goes to 4v2 dive the enemy duo lane and shut them down. Even though he died, it was 100% worth it to cripple the enemy team’s only saving grace – NL. Strategically, SKT played this game very well.

Then came the same ol’ same ol’ SKT, taking every objective as fast as humanly possible, and then constantly baiting Baron to get into fights. If GAB chooses to contest, they die. If they don’t choose to contest, they lose Baron and get dove at their base. It’s a lose-lose that SKT has practiced and executed very well throughout the tournament.

Royal vs OMG Game 1

Royal’s comp was honestly a lot better this game, as they had Renekton/Jarvan/Vlad/Caitlyn/Annie vs OMG’s Jax/Lee/Ahri/Corki/Zyra.

Jax out-scales Renekton heavily in a split push war, but Chinese teams almost never split push, and when they do, they do it at poor times. As you can see this game, Vlad and Renekton work well together because they can easily weave in and out of fights with Renekton’s deceptively high HP and mobility, and Vlad’s sustain/pool baiting. Whitez and Godlike played this comp very well in team fights even though they were significantly behind.

The real star of the show here was Uzi, however, who constantly baited OMG into trying to kill him and lived multiple times with 1 hit left. He really is an unkillable beast when it comes to knowing exactly how much damage he can take.

I felt like this match was all OMG when they first blooded Tabe and took Royal down in a decisive Dragon fight. They held a 3k gold lead, and then promptly threw it away in the mid skirmish that we highlighted at the desk. Going 2 for 1 was good, but Gogoing really threw it away by Flash + Qing onto Uzi. They could have taken the game slow to win, but instead went all in and were outplayed in the 3v4 fight. This would eventually lead to OMG tilting an sending Jax to split push without TP. Royal immediately starts Baron, peels off to kill, and finishes it while they trade an inhib.

Afterwards, Baron > Inhib any day. They steamroll OMG in their own base and win. Really poor decision making by OMG, with both game-changing moments being determined by what Jax’s course of action was.

Royal vs OMG Game 2

This game was a lot less close, though the early game you saw a lot of traded kills. Because of the nature of a Zed + Vayne combo, and the fact that they are both rushing BotRK, OMG should not have gotten into any early or mid-game fights. This is because the power spike of Royal comes much earlier in the game than OMG. Ahri has to get DFG, Shen has to get an Omen to tank Vayne, and Varus built A F*CKING TRINITY FIRST.

So I’ve seen some awful Genja level builds before, but Trinity first on Varus just lost all hope for OMG this game. I literally could not believe it when I saw a Varus with a half-finished Trinity against this monster Uzi on Vayne with a BotRK.

The Dragon fight started when Rumble was ganked top lane, and Royal reacted by immediately doing Dragon. OMG’s Shen ported in to make it a 4v4, but LoveLin was still very far away when the fight broke out. Because of OMG’s poor positioning, item building, and later power spiking, they were completely outmatched in this fight. This single fight would snowball Royal into consecutively winning every fight afterwards. With such a high-threat comp where everyone on the team is incredibly dangerous, Royal does not need everyone on the team to play perfectly to win.

That is not to say that Uzi didn’t play perfectly, because he orb walked and baited very well on Vayne. However, even if they had misplayed a couple of crucial fights, it would have been nearly impossible for Elise/Zed/Rumble to clean up kills.

I really look forward to seeing the stylistic differences of Royal vs Fnatic. They really do get carried by Uzi at the end of the day, but everyone on that team seems both consistent and up to par with the rest of the world-class players left.

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by Yiliang Peng, on September 25, 2013