Steam Announces Payday 2 Updates!


Steam recently announced their update on Payday 2, which focuses primarily on the economy system, but before anything players are expected to have 801.9Mb of hard drive space for the patch!

The system has been remade to reduce the amount of money given for completing only the basic requirements, but greatly increases for going the extra mile. For instance, any additional loot or merchandise obtained during the mission will contribute to the money gained. The update is an effort to encourage players to do more, and not just simply breeze through the game.

Aside from the restructured economy, the payout system has been changed to allow players to choose whether they want XP, money, or both through, which is the game’s delivery system. Other changes and new features include a new heist, enemy behavior and equipment specifically SWAT flash bangs, and a number of tweaked weapons.

For full patch notes check out the Steam website here.


by Kent, on September 16, 2013