Headset Hype!

Hey guys!

In case you haven’t already heard, Artosis and I have been designing gear, for nerds like ourselves, with TTesports. I wanted to update everyone on the headset I’ve been working on.

First off, being able to do something like this has been a dream come true. TTe has allowed Artosis and myself to be VERY hands on with the whole operation. We flew out to their HQ and brainstormed for days on how to make the sickest product possible. Every week TTe has been sending us various designs and asking for our input. In other words I’m not just sticking my face on some random headset box and trying to sell it. I’m making sure it is a product I’d love to use for myself.

It’ll come equipped with a mic that will be perfect for someone who wants to cast from home. At the same time I want this headset to be more than a PC headset. Because of that we’ve made the mic detachable. That way you can still DJ with this thing at a party and not look like a clown. It’ll also be portable and simple enough, that you could wear it for a jog. The color setup is going to be clean and minimalist.

Most gamer gear doesn’t look particularly cool. I want this headset to look good and I want the nerds who wear it to look good as well. When it comes time I’ll be posting images for you guys to see : ) I can’t wait!

by Nick Plott, on September 13, 2013