League Player Raises $106,000+ for Kids

sivhdAre gamers generous people? It would seem so! In fact, the League of Legends community has on many occasions come together to raise money for special needs. Siv HD, a well known League of Legends streamer, has raised over $106,000 from fellow League players to donate to Save the Children.

At the start of the event, Siv himself put down $100, and announced that he would keep streaming until he hit his goal of raising $50,000 — which is no small feat. Raising several thousands of dollars is already a challenge, but trying to get to $50,000 quite the milestone. Despite this, fans clamored Siv for more. So the goal kept climbing. Soon, Siv announced that he’d keep streaming until he couldn’t take it anymore, and before anyone knew it, $100,000 was passed.

What surprised everyone was the donations didn’t stop either.

See the entire archived event here.

by Michael Hoang, on September 10, 2013