Why I’m Leaving the Call of Duty Franchise Forever

Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-deadFirst and foremost, my Mom isn’t a female dog, I can shoot and I don’t want to suck anything.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty players are telling me otherwise.

I wouldn’t say I’m a great player but I am definitely above average. I have been a fan and playing the CoD franchise since Call of Duty 2, but ever since Black Ops, I’ve started to lose interest. The franchise has grown stale for me: same shooting mechanics and same loudmouth players in the lobby, which I now mute by default. If my friends weren’t playing it, I would have gave up CoD a while ago.

I usually sit back and play a few games, unwinding from a long day, but I found that playing CoD stresses me out even more and its annoyances have made me hate the series.

The type of players that add to the hatred:

“Go suck a ****!”
  • The Trash Talker – There is nothing wrong with trash talking. I’ve done my fair share, but there’s a point where it’s just stupid.
  • The DJ – Whether you like it or not, they feel that their “exceptional” taste in music should be shared with the rest of your party, drowning out any tactical or strategic conversations.
  • The Heavy Breather – Usually they don’t know that they’re breathing directly into the mic, but it’s just common courtesy to let the player know. They usually fix it.
  • The Blamer – I can see this being semi-okay if you play with a close knit team, but you can’t really blame newbies for mistakes. We were all there at one point.
  • The Child – I would say that this one has all the traits above. They want to be cool and they think because Mom got them a copy of the game for Christmas, they are entitled to say whatever they want. I usually just respond, “Shut up and turn that crap off, Bieber.”

‘Hardcore Mode’ was fun, but still couldn’t keep me.

People who play will definitely feel my frustration when you get knifed after spraying an enemy with bullets or the inevitable “lag” where you can hear your bullets hit the enemy but there aren’t hitmarkers (and No, it’s not because of my connection). Maybe your frustration is having a great killstreak but die with one kill shy of being able to call in an attack helicopter.


‘Hardcore Mode’ definitely made the game fun again, but it eventually lost its luster. You will have days where you feel “high” from dominating the other team, but the next day you may very well be bent over and destroyed.

Nonetheless, I am done with the Call of Duty series and have moved on to Battlefield. I have been playing both series since Battlefield Bad Company 2 and though you hardcore CoD players may not agree, the Battlefield franchise is just better.

It is more difficult. The destructive surroundings make the environment constantly change and hiding behind a wall may not be there for long. The beautifully-large maps allow your squad to plan out your attack and fight together as a team. If you got sniped from a huge distance, it’s because the player is pretty damn good (factoring in the physics and the lead of the bullet). There are no computerized attack helicopters. They are flown by real players.

I no longer care about killstreaks. The goal of helping my team win after a 30 minute long battle is far more rewarding than worrying about my Kill/Death ratio. This is about an experience for me, not statistics on a leaderboard.

by Michael Hoang, on September 5, 2013