League of Legends Blind Ambition Fan Film Just Debuted: Produced by Machinima

A Machinima produced League of Legends fan film just debuted. Blind Ambition, a part 1 of 2 short film, follows the life of the Blind Monk, Lee Sin, and it’s pretty damn cool. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would love to see this turn into a full-fledged movie. Even if it doesn’t make it into the theaters, I would be satisfied with a longer web series.

Here is the League of Legends Blind Ambition Press Release:

League of Legends has long been one of the most popular and beloved game franchises for fan-created videos on Machinima. However, this Friday, L.O.L. created programming will be taken to a never-before-seen level as Machinima will be launching two all-new live-action films based on the best-selling game franchise – League of Legends: Blind Ambition andLeague of Legends: Shadowfall.

The creative talents behind both of the L.O.L. videos are George and Harry Kirby, huge gaming/film geeks who first broke onto the scene with a live action fan trailer based on DragonBall Z, which has garnered over 5.7 million views to date. The Kirby’s subsequently produced a host of other popular fan videos – covering everything from Zombie Apocalypse to Star Wars – before setting their sights on one of their all-time favorite games. Utilizing their talents for action, visual effects and storytelling, the Kirby’s have brought the world of L.O.L to life like never before, faithfully adapting the stories of the Champions that millions have come to know and love.

The first release this Friday will be the next adaptation in Machinima’s on-going series of fan-created short films based on the world’s most popular gaming franchises. Following the success of Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star, Mineshaft, and Skyrim: Into The World, the Kirby brothers have delivered League of Legends: Blind Ambition – which delves into the past of Lee Sin, the blind monk. Viewers will find out how he gained the scars that blinded him, see his struggle to find redemption after the fatal consequences of his ambition, and watch as he goes toe-to-toe with the deadly assassin Katarina. League of Legends: Blind Ambition is now live on Machinima Prime (YouTube.com/MachinimaPrime).

Not to be outdone, Machinima Realm (YouTube.com/MachinimaRealm) will unveil all three episodes in a three-part miniseries entitled League of Legends: Shadowfall. The series follows the lore of Shen and Zed, two brothers training to become ninja warriors, whose sibling rivalry turns deadly when Zed embraces the shadow powers in order to overcome his brother.

by Michael Hoang, on August 30, 2013