Cloud9 Balls: My Journey To Pro

First blog here and I’m going to talk about my first experiences of League of Legends. I started the game in beta about 3 years ago because my cousin introduced me to it. It was my first time playing a Moba game and I had no clue what I was doing at the start of the game. The first champion I played was Twisted fate and all I did was literally buy hp pots and mana pots, no items. Soon after, my champion pool expanded and I started playing Ryze, Corki, and Ezreal in normal games. This was back when Ryze just needed ap and spell flux to 1 vs 5 the enemy team. Once ranked games came out, I dove right in and just queued up non-stop. In my first 10 games I played Annie and I won about 8 of them with the surprise factor of killing people as soon as I hit level 6 and carrying the game.

I eventually started playing Go4lol on a legendary team named: Green Tipped Bananas and it was “pretty great, super great”. Occasionally we would run into teams with big name players on them like Xpecial and eventually against Clg who had Kobe at the time. I remember the terror against CLG — I could feel my teams fear through Ventrilo. Just reading the names at the loading screen was enough to intimidate the whole team and make them shit their pants. It was pretty close; our Amumu was level 2 at 10 minutes while Kobe, their jungler, was around level 7. Needless to say, it was a good experience and my first taste of a pro game.

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We eventually broke up and a friend of mine introduced me to Wallstop and Mandatorycloud and I ended up trying out for their team as an AD carry. The final lineup of the team consisted of Atlanta, Lemongod (not lemonnation), Mandatorycloud, Xmithie, and I. That team went on to be Apictureofagoose who began to consistently win in Go4lols and eventually played and qualified for IEM Kiev with our revolutionary Jarvan-Leona bot lane. Sadly, Mandatorycloud and Lemongod couldn’t make it so we were forced to give our spot away to another team. Our first LAN event was MLG Anaheim with Muffinqt-Atlanta bot lane and Xmithie in the jungle.

We went against CLG EU first round and got 2-0ed, and then won 1st round of loser’s bracket before losing to team dynamic. After Atlanta left the team, I moved from top lane to ad carry for the IPL Face off qualifiers where we succeeded in qualifying. This was also the time Aphromoo left Tsm Evo, so we decided to pick him up for ad carry while I moved back to top lane. We managed to beat Orbit gaming and barely qualified for PAX by grabbing the 8th seed. Going into PAX, we had to play against the number 1 seed TSM and our morale was probably not the best that it could’ve been. We ended up losing to them 2-0, but at least we got some money for being there so it wasn’t too bad.

When we went back to scrimming again, I got the “Top Lane Syndrome” where I was stressed out and didn’t want to play top lane anymore. I told my team that it was probably best that I leave the team and that they would probably be better off with someone else that loves playing top lane. I was also in my first semester of College at the time and started to play League casually while watching the teams play against each other online. It was pretty refreshing with all the free time I had and I eventually started working out and feeling better. LCS Promotion Qualifiers was coming closer and Lemongod needed an AD carry for his team, Meat Playground, and since I was doing nothing at the time; he asked me if I could join which I agreed to.

Fast forward, we lose to Marn in the loser’s bracket and then I’m back at home just going back to school again. At this time, Cloud 9 also failed to qualify for LCS and split up; Yazuki and Nien left to join another team while Lemon, Turtle, and Hai stayed together.

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They needed a Top laner and asked me if I wanted to play top lane again. I talked about this with Lemongod first and he told me to go with them since he couldn’t play League anymore after failing to qualify for LCS. We picked up Meteos after he subbed for us and stole a baron from the other team during an MLG qualifier.

From there on out, we just stormed the Na scene and performed extremely well, winning first place at MLG Dallas, Riot IPL 6, and the Summer Split LCS qualifiers which made us Pro gamers. This is going to be my 2nd time at Pax and hopefully we can get through and go to the Season 3 World championship where we can represent NA!

“Video courtesy of Redditor /u/k6qqqq”

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by An Le, on August 28, 2013