League of Legends World Championship Season 3 Tickets Still Available

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It’s been thirteen hours since the League of Legends World Championship tickets were officially released for sale.

Already, a whopping six out of the thirteen events have been sold out which goes to show how much League of Legends has grown in the past three years! Tickets have sold at an amazing rate since it was announced on August 15th, considering the delay that was encountered.

Season 2 Championships sold out instantaneously no doubt because of League’s large fan base, and Riot has proven its success once again with ticket sales made for the Season 3 Championship. In consideration the of its fans which span around the globe, the company has increased the number of events times available to support different time zones.

Though almost half of the number of events have been sold out, all is not lost for those who have not purchased tickets for the upcoming event. There are plenty of tickets still available here.

by Kent, on August 25, 2013