Dare I say? Ben Affleck Would Be An Interesting Batman.


batman-arkham-asylumHollywood has just announced that Ben Affleck will play as Batman in the next “Man of Steel” sequel, but can he pull it off? We are still hurting from his role as Daredevil and that movie is a decade old.

Let’s be honest, did you guys feel that Christian Bale would be a great Batman? Was it Christian Bale or was it Christopher Nolan’s directing that helped the movie’s success? Maybe it’s the iconic Batman character.

Ben definitely has the look (as image Photoshopped above), but it is quite shocking that he would accept a role such as this. With so many fanboys and avid Batman fans, you would think he’d learn his lesson by now.

Should we give this award winning director a chance to redeem himself?

by Michael Hoang, on August 23, 2013