Mobafire Challenger Series: COGnitive Vs. Complexity Preview

Mobafire Challenger Series

This week in the Mobafire Challenger Series the top six teams will all play another top six team.  There will be one of these matches taking place each day.

Week 6 Day 1



Last time these two teams met up COGnitive was known as Wazabi and beat Col 2-1.

Lane Match Ups

Top Lane: iDream (2.8 KDA) VS. Megazero (4.9 KDA)

Megazero is currently making his case for the best top laner in the challenger scene.  iDream is an aggressive player but isn’t nearly as consistent on Megazero.  Renekton could be a hotly contested champion since its Megazero’s most played champ in the MCS and iDream’s second most.  This match up all comes down to if iDream can be consistent against one of the best top laners in the MCS who will punish overaggressive mistakes.

Advantage: CompLexity

Mid Lane: Zamphira (2.9 KDA) VS. Pr0lly (6.6 KDA)

Pr0lly is prolly one of the best mid laners in the challenger scene.  So far Zamphira looks to be a one trick pony.  He has over 300 games played with Lulu, which in other words, means it’s an instaban.  He has played Ahri, Lissandra, and Orianna and has not looked very comfortable with them at all.  Pr0lly on the other hand, has picked only one champion twice this split (Ezreal).  Zamphira is going to have to try and keep Pr0lly in lane and prevent him from roaming in order to help his team to victory.

Advantage: CompLexity

Jungle: Captain Ziploc (3.1 KDA) VS. Lautemortis (3.3 KDA)

Captain Ziploc is going to have to help his solo lanes in order for them to win.  Otherwise they will probably lose.  The most important thing for him to do is shut down Pr0lly and prevent him from roaming.  Lautemortis on the other hand has shown great synergy with Pr0lly and will also camp mid.  Look for Nasus, Zac, and Elise to be hotly contested between the two of these junglers.

Advantage: Toss up

Bot Lane: nothinghere (5.3 KDA) / Valkrin (2.9 KDA) VS. Chuuper (3.2 KDA) / MeyeA (4.2 KDA)

Nothinghere can very well carry the game for COGnitive if he gets fed.  Valkrin just recently joined the team so the key for them will be his and nothinghere’s synergy. Chuuper and MeyeA on the other hand have been performing well as a duo.  Chuuper mostly likes to play Vayne while MeyeA will most likely play Fiddlesticks.  Nothinghere has played a wider champion pool and so does Valkrin.  There is a high chance they may attempt to ban out CompLexity’s bottom lane.

Advantage: Slightly COGnitive’s

COGnitive’s Bans:  So many teams that face CompLexity end up wasting two bans on Pr0lly.  Pr0lly is not a guy that can simply be banned out.  He does not have a champ that he completely dominates with but he can play a wide selection of champions at a fairly high level.  COGnitive should focus their bans at the bottom lane to put them on something that they are not comfortable with. This allows for a higher success rate for nothinghere to carry.  Smart bans would be Vayne, Renekton, Elise, Nasus, or Fiddlesticks.

CompLexity’s Bans:  The absolute no brainer ban here is Zamphira’s Lulu.  It has been banned in almost every game so far in the MCS.  As I mentioned before one of the keys to COGnitive victory is the ability of Zamphira being able to beat Pr0lly.  Zamphira’s most played champion in the MCS is Ahri which as everyone knows is an excellent roamer and can help other lanes win.  It would probably be wise to ban that away as well.  Smart bans would be Lulu, Ahri, Zed, Zac and Nasus.

Chances of COGnitive Victory: 35%

by Dominick Kerr, on August 9, 2013