Spec’d and Checked: iBUYPOWER Midnight Black Precision Mouse Review

ibuypower-midnight-black-gaming-mouse1Let’s be honest, a mouse is an extension of your arm when it comes to computing. You just instinctively know what to click and where you want the cursor on the page. Some may argue that you only need a cheap $5 mouse, and anything else is just excessive. But c’mon, some of us want more, and we know that with better “tools,” comes better performance.

I currently use both the Logitech Performance Mouse MX at home and a Steel Series Sensei Gaming Mouse at work. Both are completely different mice. They each have their own weight, feel and feature sets that help me complete my daily tasks, which is design and code.

The Logitech mouse is really back-heavy: great for precision and design, but not ideal for gaming since it makes my movements slower. The Steel Series Sensei is a smooth, light-weight mouse that fits in my hand nicely and is also ambidextrous for left-hand mousers. Yet, both come with a hefty price tag ranging from $60-$99.

This week, I was able to try out the iBUYPOWER Midnight Black Precision Mouse. I used it for my day to day tasks and some light gaming. At first glance this would appear similar to dozens of other mice on the market, but after using it for a bit, I noticed subtleties that I really enjoyed.



Depending on how you hold your mouse (palm grip or claw grip), this mouse may work for you either way, but it definitely works better as a claw grip if you have large hands. The mouse is about 4.5″ in length and 3.1″ wide. The ergonomics are apparent, my thumb rests nicely on the mouse, allowing easy access to the “Forward” and “Back” buttons. The left and right-clicks have a slight concave indentation that feels natural. There was a satisfaction when clicking: a subtle click sound and the tension/release of the button is hard to describe, but it’s a similar feeling to using a mechanical keyboard. The click feels like confidence.

There is a DPI button behind the mouse wheel, allowing you switch quickly from 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 DPI. With no indicator as to which DPI setting you are on, it’s trial and error… but with only 4 settings, it wasn’t too difficult. I found the DPI button would often rub against my middle finger, but if you generally use your index finger for the scroll wheel, you shouldn’t have the same problem.

There is a button labeled “Double Click” beside the left click button which, you guessed it, does a double-click function. I am not entirely sure if I would use this button for what it’s labeled, but it is well placed for a customized shortcut. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a driver that allowed me to rebind it. This would have been a very convenient feature.

The movement of the scroll wheel felt standard, but one thing to point out, the wheel scrolls smoothly. Unlike my Logitech, which makes a substantial click as you scroll.

With up to 2000 DPI, the speed and tracking was decent. It works well on most pads and surfaces but started getting jittery on glass, as is typical with optical mice. Big slippery skates underneath work well to ease mouse movement.

The rubberized finish feels secure and doesn’t build up gunk or fingerprints.


Interface – USBSensor – Up to 2000 dpiButtons – 7 (including mouse wheel)Size – 4.5″ x 3.1″ x 1.5″Features

  • DPI adjustment from 800 to 2000 dpi, switch freely at different speed
  • 4 individual DPI indicator
  • Optical engines, positioning precision
  • Ergonomics design, comfortable for using
  • Plug and play
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Counterweight design suitable for gaming user
  • Multi buttons mouse convenience with backward and forward function
  • Compatible with all windows version.
  • Button life: more than 3,000,000 times


Unfortunately, the features of the mouse are not as complete as I had hoped. The lack of adjustable weights, customizable buttons and a wider ranging of DPI (or even an indicator), made it feel incomplete.

But for an item that cost only $8 when purchasing an iBUYPOWER system; it is a comfortable and versatile mouse, it is a very capable gamer, it absolutely smokes a standard mouse.

Is it right for you? We cant say for sure, but its value is tough to beat.

by Michael Hoang, on August 7, 2013