Respecting Your Opponent

Hey all, I know I promised to write my blog weekly, but there are several reasons why I didn’t. First off, it was hard deciding what specific topic to write about. Secondly, it was difficult to find time to even begin writing in the first place. Anyway, the topic that I chose for my second post (this one) will be “respecting your opponent”, and this post is inspired by and directly related to our most recent loss against Velocity.

“Always respect your opponent.” This seems like a simple concept, no? So why am I even talking about it now when we’re a little over half way done with the second split of LCS with 17 games under our belt? The answer is simple: shit happened. I believed we were the indisputable 2nd place team in North America and I still do. In all of the games leading up to the game vs Velocity, we played solidly (with the exception of the Cloud 9 game where we threw an unthrowable game, but nobody wants to remember those haunting memories, right?) However, when it came down to our game vs Velocity, shit hit the fan.

Our team comp consisted of: Yorick top, Zac jungle, Ezreal mid, Kog’Maw and Thresh bot
Their team comp was: Shen top, Lee Sin jungle, Twisted Fate mid, Vayne and Zyra bot

We got outpicked really hard for multiple reasons:
1) We gave them exactly what they wanted and were comfortable with playing
2) Two global pressures from Shen and Twisted Fate
3) Zac did not make sense in our team comp against theirs
4) Their team comp outshined us in both the early game as well as late game
5) We did not respect them like we should have

The fifth and final reason is the most important, and it is the root of reasons 1-4. For reason (1), we knew that this was a team comp that they were comfortable with. For reason (2), we knew that they would run Shen and Twisted Fate together if both champions were open, but we allowed them to do it anyways. If you give any team these two picks, you deserve to lose. Simple as that. The reason that we did do this though was probably influenced by our game against C9 where we had Shen/TF together but could not close out the game. We subconsciously thought that Velocity would not be able to close out the game either (BAD. THIS IS A NO NO).

Moving forward, we predicted everything that they were going to choose except for the Vayne. A great deal of our team composition revolved around choosing Vayne, but we did not pick her for some reason and they took it away from us. If they knew this and planned to do this to counter us, big props to them, but either way, it was a bad choice on our part. Vayne also destroys Zac, but we still chose him as our jungler instead of picking Lee Sin earlier. This would’ve fixed our weak early game and taken one of Nk Inc’s better champions.

Even though I went through my whole spiel of explaining how we were grossly outpicked, I am not denying the fact that they played way better than us. In fact, they outplayed us on multiple occasions, outmaneuvered us across the map, out-teamfought us and deserved the win 100%. What it all comes down to though is that we did not respect them like we should have. This is probably because they are currently the last place team in the LCS, but this is an extremely irresponsible and silly reason to lose a game. Respect all opponents equally. This is a rule that everybody listen to, and it applies to Solo Queue as well. It’s a good habit and philosophy to follow and will better you as both a person and a player. That is all, thanks for reading.

by Benny Hung, on July 21, 2013