MLG Anaheim was a Blast!

IMG_6828So, lets just start by saying events are AWESOME. I am so, so happy that LCS teams are still allowed to go and compete at events, even if it isn’t a tournament as such, actually going, and being there, and feeding off of the crowd gives you so much hype and energy.

One of the weirdest and raddest parts of this event for me was HOW MANY people actually recognised me, and walked up and asked for my picture or signature. I guess the jersey really helps, ( will be selling them really soon too) or the fact that watching competitive gaming is becoming more mainstream.  I signed a lot of stuff! Some pros practice their signatures to perfect them. (Scarra)  Some of them write like 5 year olds (Zuna)  and some have perfect calligraphy.

I always enjoy talking to fans of the team. People would come up to me and say they were Vulcun’s biggest fan, and i’d quiz them on how to spell Vulcun. 80% of the time they’d get it wrong, but they’re awesome anyway. lol

Another interesting thing was how professionally things were run compared to even events a year ago, and how ready everything was. Like, as a manager, usually one of my jobs at events is to wrangle the players, get everyone set up etc, and you always find that a player is missing SOMETHING (a mousemat, or other gear, headsets, keyboards etc) or there’s delays/ problems of some kind, but this time there wasn’t that much to do in terms of setup, the players were much more ready than ever, and the event was too. The Rioters backstage  were on hand for any problems, and they had hand warmers, and of course water for everyone. Plus now the interviewers know the players so they can just pull them off for an interview right after the game ends with little fuss.

It was our coach’s first time at an event as our coach, but unfortunately, he was super sick so he stayed home the second 2 days. He texted me often telling me to congratulate the boys, and kept our facebook page updated, even while sick, so he’s a trooper. He’s nearly back to 100% now though, so no worries.

It was a great three days, but a lot of stuff jumbles together in my head when thinking about the event. We played CLG first on Friday, and they beat us. That was depressing, especially since we HAD that game and threw it. That’s not taking anything away from CLG’s victory, they deserved it, but it just makes it more frustrating. Luckily there were very very clear points where we messed up, making it a lot easier for the team to fix that stuff in future. It’s frustrating for me to sit there and watch us lose. I’ve talked about it before, the moments where you want to scream at the screen, or run into the booth yelling “you’re about to be ganked!”  or “DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT GETS TO LATE GAME” But pretty much just not pressing our advantage led to a loss, and afterwards, everyone was sad. I think it helped that our only loss this week was the first game though, because no time to be sad for long, had to focus on the next games and next day. I did this interview with Travis right after the loss.

He’s REALLY good about not interviewing players after the losses unless the player wants to or seems comfortable with it.  i’m grateful to him for that.

The next day we played Dignitas, and won. Winning is much more fun than losing so i would like the team to continue doing that.  I was relieved we won, it was kind of a weird week of scrims (people kept cancelling because of internet issues, and our coach was sick) so i wasn’t as hyper confident about their chances as usual, but once i saw their picks vs dignitas i was pretty confident about the game. 🙂

I met a lot of great people just wandering around the event. The girl that makes the cute poro plushies was there and she had a couple of them with her!  I wanted to buy like 5 immediately.  Mattcom ( artist who works for clg, freelances for riot and does amazing stuff)  came up to get a picture with me and he made CLG’s top laner Nientonsoh take the picture. I said, SUCKS TO BE YOU NIEN, I AM FAR MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU! HE DOES NOT WANT YOUR PICTURE ONLY MINE. Nien was very sad because I think he realised he was not a superstar anymore.

Day 3 we played Cloud 9. The last game we played with them during the season was very close, and they beat us, so I really wanted the team to win this game and prove that the hype train could be stalled again. After the Cloud9 victory, i shook hands with Alex Penn and laughed mightily at how his empire has fallen. (Just kidding.) It’s interesting to note that Cloud9 is an iBUYPOWER team, and the only teams able to beat Cloud9 so far have been us and CLG, the only two other iBUYPOWER teams in the LCS. And now we’re top 3. Sponsor OP?

Anyway, after the game, my team went to the Riot photoshoot and got their makeup done by Maggie, Chauster’s girlfriend, and they all looked pretty baller as they posed for the photos.

Then everyone went their separate ways and I got a chance to walk around the event, talk to my friends, including some of the dominion players that were rocking the Infinite Crisis booth, etc. I saw Riot Scarizard giving out skin codes to people which was really amusing, because he would ask super hard questions, like “what is Nidalees hidden passive?” or “Name all of Sona’s powerchords” etc. A lot of fans were stumped but people would help them out and they’d all get skin codes. Some fans answered them immediately, they were pretty hardcore fans! It was really fun to watch. I think the skin code/question stuff was happening with Rioters all over the place during the event, too.

I met the iBUYPOWER staff and some Razer staff, and NOS gave us some pretty sick hoodies that i will be rockin in a vlog once i get my stuff set up 🙂

That night we went to Sushi dinner with Optimus Tom, Glyceroll, and a bunch of my other friends, (including from the team, our sub Scubachris, Nick Wu, and Xmithie) and then we headed to the Twitch party at a bar and grill near the event!

Twitch party was very fun as always. It got packed to capacity! Eleine from twitch hooked me up with a wristband that gave free drinks all night, so that was pretty epic! It was a really fun close-out to a really fun event.

And that’s about it!

If you have any questions or comments about anything i talked about here, you can ask them here, or hit me up on twitter @vulcun_gnome  or ask on our team facebook

Christina/ Gnome

by Christina Laird, on July 1, 2013